International Tracing Services
and Genealogy

People search, adoption search and other searches

Locate a lost family member
Ancestor and descendant research
Record lookups
Retrieval of documents
Transcriptions and translations
Local photo service, i.e. churches, cemeteries, buildings
Expert advise if you have any questions about European research and research in former German territories

Searching for military members

Please provide any information you have. It will be most helpful if you can provide the full name of the service member, last known address or State, details of military service, and serial number, if known. Even the smallest detail can lead to success.

Are you a soldier or veteran searching for your child?

If you are a soldier or a veteran searching for your child overseas or, a relative of a veteran searching for siblings I will be happy to assist you in your search.


I will assist you in researching your ancestors in Germany and former German territories, including Alsace/France, Czech Republic etc. I will search for genealogical records such as births, marriages, deaths, court notices, land sales, tax notices, businesses, emigration and immigration records and more. I will also take digital images of graves, buildings etc.


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