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I have done my DNA tests (autosomal and mtDNA) with familytreeDNA and have uploaded my raw data to, and as I am still searching for my 2nd paternal great-grandfather as outlined here (link opens in a new window). Click on the tab "Most wanted ancestor". My father's ancestors are said to be from Scotland, surname Brown, given name and origin unknown (possibly Tennessee or North Carolina). My DNA is 51% British Isles. I am currently waiting for the LivingDNA test as they claim to be able to narrow down the UK regions and to have a matches database soon. We'll see how that turns out...

I have my family tree, which my DNA matches can view, on familytreedna, and a non-public family  tree on to which I can give you access to upon request.

If you have the surname Brown or any other of my surnames (surname list at the above website) in your family tree and think we might be related please email me so that we can share our gedmatch kit numbers for comparison. Maybe we can figure out how we are related. I have a paper trail back to the 1600s, one line to the 1400s. Thanks!

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